Monday, January 2, 2012

Give Away!! Just for you!!!

Dear sweet readers,
I have neglected this blog so desperately. And, yet you have stayed and haven't left me despite the fact that I only posted a few times during the entire last year. (I did also have a second baby who just turned one). Those of you here know that I LOVE to create dolls. Dolls that are, mostly, from found objects, old spools, vintage light cages, porcelain doll arms, old salt and pepper shakers...and then I hand paint their faces and sew their little clothes. But, I am also a painter and so I created this blog to keep the two separate. But I have found that painting and making dolls are so much a part of me that I would like to put them all together.
Whew! So, with that said, I will CLOSING this blog within the next month. But, NOT before I say THANK YOU with a lovely give away!!!

This little lovely was created from a very old wooden box with some lovely worn, red paint still on the sides and back. The body is 1 part old chandelier part, 1 part vintage child's toy block, 2 parts paper mache and fabric wings and 1 part hand painted wooden face. I have embellished the top and bottom with vintage lace, paper and old book pages. The entire piece stands 8" X 5". I have placed her next to my Christmas decorations for this picture but she isn't Christmas~y at all. There is wire attached to the back for hanging or you can place her on a shelf.

Okay, so all you have to do is come FOLLOW ME on my other blog! Just click here: The Ruby Nest , follow me and leave a comment on my other blog that you did so and you will be entered in this giveaway.

I promise that I will share all of my dolls with you, some paintings and a little bit of life too. And, the best part, is that this give away is just for the followers of this blog!

I would just LOVE if you all would join me over at The Ruby Nest where I am more able to share all of my creations with you and keep better track of comments, shared ideas, inspirations, etc!

Deadline to enter is January 14th, 2012!
Thanks again for sticking with me!
I hope you love this give away and will join me soon!
And, Happy New Year!!!