Friday, January 21, 2011

Please Meet Simonette, Emma and Miss Josie

Greetings everyone!
I hope that each of you dear readers had a wonderful Holiday! We were blessed with a brand new baby boy on Dec. 11 which I am still thanking the Good Lord for. : ) For those of you that follow my art blog too you know that I love to paint girls with bird cage dresses. So, I have been searching long and wide for a way to simulate those cages from my paintings into my dolls. And, aha, an old, light bulb cage appears to have done the trick.

I used an old, wooden salt shaker for her body and a attached some porcelain, vintage doll arms.

Doll making has been such a pleasant journey for me. Much like painting, the process is constantly evolving and I have been trying to create dolls that I have seen in my paintings and in my dreams.
Vintage lace and buttons embellish the skirt.
This is sweet little Emma.
I love the material of her skirt...I have had it for some time and have never used it until today.
And, finally, Miss Josie. Her body is an old candlestick. I love how she turned out.

Thank you for your visit! Please come again when you can.
: )