Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Dolls to Share!

Okay...I'll say it: I've neglected this blog and all of you lovely followers!
I am truly sorry! But I do have Many little treasures to share with you today! Ive been hand painting dolls on wooden finials and then adding little skirts and, sometimes, like below, little, antique, porcelain doll arms.This is Miss Cora and Miss Greta. Miss Cora was a candle holder and Miss Greta; a pepper shaker. They have been re purposed into these sweet, lovely ladies. Miss Cora (below) is quite tall at about 8 & 1/2 ".
I have attached some vintage lace which I love for the rich detail. Vintage lace has become another fun obsession to collect.

And, Ms Greta's skirt has some hand sewn detail for a little extra color.
She has a definite presence this one with her little stout figure! She measures about 7 & 1/2 " high.
Below is another little lady I call Harvest Moon.

She is a little sweetheart. : )
And, finally, some Snow Garden Dolls. They are painted on heavy pine and have little vintage buttons attached for their flowers. They measure 6" and 9" in height.
They all have a crackle finish with a subtle antique wash.

The little Snow Garden Doll is my favorite. : )
All of these Dolls are currently available in my etsy shop if you would like to bring one home to live with you!
I truly hope this post finds everyone well, enjoying this lovely Fall season and preparing for a Thanksgiving filled with all to be thankful for.
Have a great week!